Supply chain costs are an integral part of overall costs, regardless of sector. At the same time, they are often variable, which can contribute to quick and tangible cost reductions. 4flow considers the entire added value process, thereby enabling end-to-end cost optimization.

An increasing demand for customer-specific products, the globalization of added value, and the opening up of new markets all greatly influence supply chain processes. Uncontrolled growth in supply chain leads to high costs and inefficient processes.

4flow supports the optimization of supply chain costs through targeted consulting projects, specific software solutions and the ongoing supervision of management services

In 4flow cost optimization projects, creating transparency is always the first priority. 4flow draws on extensive experience from many sectors to develop individual solutions together with its customers. The solutions are subsequently implemented jointly, thus ensuring their sustainability. 4flow consistently delivers measurable, long-term results.

Supply chain cost optimization can be achieved for different target areas:

  • Overall supply chain costs in network
  • Transportation costs
  • Internal supply chain costs
  • Inventory costs
  • Procurement  
  • Distribution

4flow can achieve cost optimization for complex existing structures and create corresponding concepts for new markets or business models. When integrating supply chain systems in the context of mergers and acquisitions, supply chain cost optimization is frequently one of the first areas where synergies are achieved with 4flow.

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