Supply chain cost optimization

Supply chain costs are an integral part of overall costs, regardless of sector. At the same time, they are often variable, which can contribute to quick and tangible cost reductions.

4flow considers the entire added value process, thereby enabling end-to-end cost optimization. 4flow supports the optimization of supply chain costs through targeted consulting projects, the deployment of specific software solutions and the long-term handling of management services.

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Transportation optimization

For many companies, inbound and outbound transportation costs make up more than half of all supply chain costs. Reasons for this are non-transparent transportation networks that grow over time and have not been sufficiently optimized for years. Transportation costs will continue to rise in the future, due to more complex supply chains for instance.

4flow supports businesses from all sectors to help them reduce transportation costs and support specific action implementation. In addition to direct cost reductions, sustainable actions to avoid costs are also a focus. This way, businesses can cut costs by up to 20 percent.

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Network optimization

Supply chain networks are complex – they involve numerous partners and countless network relationships. Network optimization offers transparency, structural order and enormous cost savings.

4flow applies a proven set of optimization actions for customized implementation initiatives for network optimization. 4flow provides customers with service improvements and cost reductions at the level of up to 20 percent of supply chain costs as well as new transparency into networks.

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Inventory optimization

For many businesses, inventory levels often result from the way things have always been done, are only managed to a limited extent and do not meet the needs of customers, sales or manufacturing. High inventory levels and long lead times tie up capital, increase process costs and reduce the flexibility of the supply chain.

4flow supports businesses from manufacturing and retail with the optimization of their inventories along the entire supply chain. Together with customers, 4flow typically achieves a reduction of inventories by up to 40 percent and a targeted adjustment of inventories to achieve the required availability.

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