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Sustainable transportation

4flow works with businesses to reduce carbon emissions in their transportation networks

Reducing carbon emissions in transportation networks is increasingly important to businesses. This helps companies achieve environmental goals sustainably and cost-effectively and enables them to take responsibility for global environmental protection. However, there is often little transparency about indirect carbon emissions from external transportation services (scope 3 emissions). Yet even when scope 3 emissions are known, the steps to reduce or avoid them are often missing in existing logistics structures.

4flow works together with businesses in sustainable transportation to optimize network costs. We do this by evaluating carbon emissions for their collective logistics activities and optimizing their carbon footprints in the supply chain.

Optimization based on evaluation of carbon emissions

The first step towards optimizing carbon emissions in any customer transportation network is to determine the actual emissions in the network. 4flow offers a standardized method for evaluating carbon or CO2 equivalent (CO2e) emissions. Factors taken from transportation data help 4flow calculate CO2e emissions for various means of transportation.

Based on this increased transparency, 4flow makes recommendations to sustainably reduce the carbon footprint in the supply chain and calculates the resulting effects on transportation costs. The measures identified can include reducing shipments, optimizing utilization, changing the mode of transportation, or switching to vehicles with lower CO2 emissions.

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4flow’s approach to sustainable transportation: 

  • Evaluation of CO2e emissions in supply chain activities
  • Recommendations for actions to reduce carbon emissions in in-bound and outbound transportation
  • Creation of roadmaps for carbon and CO2 reduction 
  • Implementation of measures and tracking their success

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