Supply chain strategy

Supply chain segmentation

With segmentation, supply chains can be tailored individually to significantly reduce complexity while reducing costs.

Global supply chains, specificity, diversified product portfolios, digitization and disruptive innovations are creating more and more complexity in supply chains. Such complexity cannot be quelled with a "one-size-fits-all" approach, as this might result in falling service levels and rising costs. By segmenting the supply chain, however, the complexity can be mastered. Through analyzing supply chain requirements for products, technologies, customers and markets, a customer and product-specific supply chain is created.

More specifically, requirements and supply chain are aligned and harmonized. Results of this harmonization include constant availability, high service levels and resilient supply chains for critical products. For standard products, the focus is on efficiency as well as reduction in complexity and costs.

The 4flow supply chain segmentation approach creates a value chain that is specific to your needs

Through a tried-and-tested approach to supply chain segmentation, 4flow creates specific and cost-optimized processes while adapting to the market environment, risk profile and technology landscape. Our project experience shows that this can significantly reduce supply chain costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

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Moreover, the following added value is achieved:

  • Customer and product-specific supply chain design
  • Identification and elimination of problem areas and bottlenecks
  • Optimization of inventories and reduction in stock-outs
  • Increased organizational flexibility
  • Improvement of information quality as management decision-making tool