Supply chain network design software

Supply chain modeling software for strategic and tactical network design, planning, and optimization

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From supply chain transparency to a resilient network

4flow offers a range of modern and intuitive network design software to help you design and optimize your supply chain networks.

Increase supply chain agility and quickly respond to network changes in an unpredictable world with the help of:

  • Advanced supply chain network visibility
  • Reliable analysis of supply chain network scenarios
  • Optimal tactical and strategic planning

2023 Gartner® Market Guide for Supply Chain Network Design Tools

4flow was listed as a Representative Vendor in the 2023 Gartner® Market Guide for Supply Chain Network Design Tools* for the software product 4flow vista®.

*Market Guide for Supply Chain Network Design Tools, Vicky Forman, Pia Orup Lund, February 15, 2023

Features of 4flow network design software

Easy-to-use workflow

Quick, reliable, and actionable insights

Sustainable optimization algorithms developed in-house for faster run times

Modeling and optimization of multi-leg and intermodal transportation

Total cost analysis and calculation

Suitable for all industries and all modes of transportation


Unique solutions tailor-made for your use cases

4flow NEVA

Rapid modeling and analysis software for supply chain networks

Quickly gain transparency and get improvement tips for your supply chain networks with 4flow NEVA.

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4flow vista®

Holistic optimization and planning software for supply chain networks

Improve your network agility while maintaining efficiency and minimizing total costs with 4flow vista®.

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4flow SAMO

Stay ahead of market changes with the quick, smart allocation solution

Ensure stock availability and keep service level up while reducing total cost with 4flow SAMO.

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4flow software is trusted by businesses across industries

Common use cases

Instant supply chain network transparency

Early-stage transparency improves planning quality and contributes to better decision-making. 4flow modeling software improves visibility in the as-is network in minutes.

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Tactical transportation planning

Implement continuous cost optimization of transportation concepts . Every step is done in one tool – from defining transportation structures to optimizing transportation rates and modes to planning efficient routes.

Explore 4flow vista®

Sustainable cost reduction

The bulk of global supply chain costs lies in transportation, inventory, and warehousing. 4flow software supports continuous cost optimization of transportation concepts, as well as inventory allocation while improving service levels.

Explore 4flow vista®    4flow SAMO – coming soon

Trustworthy allocation decisions

Supply chain experts, planners and consultants can make quick and data-driven allocation decisions to ensure stock availability and improve service level while reducing total cost with smart analysis and optimization algorithms.

4flow SAMO – coming soon

Network optimization and strategic transportation planning

It’s crucial to determine the optimal structure of supply, production, and distribution networks based on past and future requirements. 4flow software generates and compares possible scenarios to create a baseline for important decisions about optimal network structure, total cost reduction and long-term planning.

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