Supply chain network design software

Supply chain modeling software for strategic and tactical network design, planning and optimization – as a standalone solution or fully integrated into an ERP system.

4flow vista®

4flow provides industry-standard software for network optimization and transportation planning. 4flow vista® is modular and covers use cases from the strategic to the tactical level.

Our end-to-end planning approach spans from the optimization of network structures for the long-term to the optimization of transportation capacities for the short-term. Planning results can also be integrated into existing IT systems.

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4flow NEVA

4flow NEVA is an easy-to-use web-based application, serves as the starting point for fast and strategic decision making. The tool is suitable for all industries and all modes of transportation. The 4flow Network Analyzer – supply chain network modeling software for all industries and modes of transportation.

By frequently reviewing and optimizing supply chain network strategies, businesses can create versatile network structures, increase customer service and improve sustainability while reducing operating costs and risks.

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