Operations & Manufacturing

Material flow planning

The end-to-end optimization of all material and information flows lowers costs of internal logistics and increases security of supply and flexibility.

Outdated logistics processes often make it necessary to redesign the flow of materials and goods. The establishment of new sites can also create the need for a new material flow concept.

In both of these cases, it is essential that a holistic approach to planning is taken in order to seize opportunities for more efficiency. Our supply chain experts at 4flow take material flow and material control processes, infrastructure, space and supply chain equipment into consideration when designing new concepts. On top, 4flow considers future customer requirements.

Optimized material flow planning provides many benefits

In material flow planning projects with clients, 4flow regularly achieves considerable reductions in supply chain costs. Typical results include the:

  • Standardization of processes
  • Reduction of resources required for internal supply processes
  • Reduction of space required for logistics 
  • Optimization of throughput times 
  • Minimization of the inventories for materials and goods
  • Increase in supply reliability 
  • Clearly directed material flow

With comprehensive material flow planning, flexibility is increased and process stability is achieved.

At the same time, the investments required to implement the new processes and the operating costs become visible.

4flow applies our own 4flow lean logistics planning methods to our material flow planning. A combination of effective lean logistics modules focusing on part-automation or concepts for tugger trains or supermarkets, allow for customized solutions at a high rate of standardization.