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4flow TORO – a new approach to material planning

Optimize transportation in your MRP run with SAP add-on 4flow TORO.

Bridge the gap between material and transportation planning to leverage your cost savings potential

Critical transportation factors such as available lanes, transportation costs and equipment restrictions are an important part of generating material orders. When they are overlooked, inefficiencies and extra costs arise.

As an SAP add-on, 4flow TORO (transport optimized release orders) is the new integrated solution to help businesses consider these transportation factors in their SAP material management. Effective material planning with consideration of transportation factors helps generate cost savings.

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Cost savings

4flow TORO reduces transportation costs by intelligently bundling several orders to minimize the number of shipments.


Flexibly adjust your planning scope according to your needs with an easy-to-implement software solution.


4flow TORO provides transparency so you can easily decide which result fits best for your material planning.

4flow TORO in action

4flow TORO considers many variables and restrictions including transportation rates, capacity restrictions, route information and material master data to create optimized shipments based on scheduling agreements. The results from the standard MRP runs are transferred to 4flow TORO and immediately optimized based on transportation-relevant factors. Once verified, the optimized schedule lines are integrated back into SAP in the scheduling agreement.

4flow TORO enables businesses to take network, transportation and planning restrictions into account during the early stages of material planning. In this way, users can reduce their logistics costs.

Flexible and easy implementation in 3 simple steps

1. Connect

Connect 4flow TORO to your SAP system

Flexibly provide 4flow TORO with your material and transportation data.

2. Optimize

Optimize your current order planning

Advanced algorithms and heuristics increase your efficiency.

3. Create savings

Start generating cost savings

Reduce your number of shipments and transportation costs.


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