4flow newsletter 2/2019

Digitizing supply chain – How digital leaders are paving the way

In this issue of the 4flow newsletter, find out how LSG, Daimler, and Volkswagen Konzernlogistik are leveraging digitization projects.


Dear Readers,

Supply chain digitization has led to innovation at a pace we have not seen in our industry in quite a long time. It is very exciting to be part of shaping this tectonic shift in how we manage complex global supply chains.

Top managers from three large corporations shared their enthusiasm about their roles as digital leaders with our guests at 4flow Logistics Day. In our feature article, you will find out what these companies are currently working on and the results they have achieved so far.

Digitization also entails a cultural shift which many supply chain experts underestimate, in my view. Projects proceed much differently, there is much more experimentation rather than protracted planning, errors are treated as opportunities to learn, and flexibility and agility rise rapidly. A truly uncomplicated kind of cooperation emerges in which decisions can be made in a much more decentralized way. The transformation of the industrial work-sharing process to a “New Work” model of knowledge-based labor is also taking place in supply chain.

We look forward to supporting you on your journey down that path.

Best wishes,

Stefan Wolff


Digitizing supply chain

Digitization will radically alter supply chain processes – existing projects on the road to complete digitization are already creating real added value. LSG has gained considerable flexibility through digital network management, Daimler benefits from more efficient container management, and Volkswagen Konzernlogistik has created the basis for a digital chain reaction through end-to-end transparency and data availability.

4flow vista® provides interfaces for ERP systems

4flow has made its multi-award winning software available as an extension for planning and optimization in ERP systems. There are clear advantages to a solution that allows rapid switching between strategic, tactical, and operational planning. With 4flow vista® as an add-on, these and other benefits are available now.

4flow honored as AGCO Partner Supplier

AGCO has named 4flow a Partner Supplier, a distinction that has been achieved by only five of AGCO’s 3,150 global suppliers. AGCO recognizes the significant added value its successful collaboration with 4flow has created in Europe, China, and North and South America.

Best Supply Chain Brand and Best Consultancies

4flow was named one of the top three supply chain firms in the categories “Supply Chain Consulting” and “IT for Transportation Management” in the Best Supply Chain Brand (Beste Logistik Marke) ranking. Additionally, 4flow was once again named one of the Best Consultancies in Germany by business magazine brand eins.

In the spotlight: Dr. Laura Gellert – Data scientist at 4flow

Berlin native Laura Gellert has a doctoral degree in mathematics. At 4flow, the big data specialist works on machine learning models for forecasting, algorithms for master data estimation, visualizations of complex networks, and more.

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