4flow newsletter 4/2017

Getting supply chain digitalization right

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Dear Readers,

Do we supply chain professionals fully grasp the lengths to which digitalization will go and its full potential impact? In my opinion, we are all still in the process of understanding these things.

That being said, digitalization is hardly new territory for supply chain. Just think of all the processes that are currently planned, managed and monitored digitally. While it is true that our industry is currently occupied with an incredible number of innovations, one particularly novel element will be consistency across the entire supply chain – in real time.

4flow is actively planning for the future of supply chain digitalization and driving its implementation across industries. We support change processes and provide digital solutions. Our customers like to talk about this, and our collaborations are often singled out for prestigious awards.

2017 was a very exciting year at 4flow, marked by strong growth and great success. This month we had a special reason to celebrate: the 4flow team now has over 500 team members worldwide – that's a five-fold increase over the past seven years. Our team also has big plans for the coming year. We are really looking forward to it.

I would like to wish you and your family happy holidays and a healthy and successful new year.

Best wishes,
Stefan Wolff


Getting supply chain digitalization right

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