4flow newsletter 1/2018

Digital innovations at 4flow and insights into supply chain optimization

In digital supply chain projects around the globe, 4flow implements future-ready technological innovations. In this newsletter, COO Kai Althoff offers insights about the solutions and approaches that 4flow is developing for optimum results.


Dear Readers,

Digitization and industry 4.0 projects continue to capture our attention in this day and age. In my 20 years in the field of supply chain, I have never before experienced a comparable market-wide dynamic and drive for innovation – the only thing that even came close was the supply chain management boom of the late 1990s.

In nearly every area of supply chain, 4flow initiates and oversees these kinds of projects in collaboration with our customers and software and research partners.

One such project recently resulted in a significant honor for 4flow and our customer Opel/Vauxhall – a 2018 Automotive Logistics Europe Award. It is a great confirmation of the quality of our ongoing, multi-year partnership.

Given these circumstances, it is no wonder that 4flow continues to grow. In the last 12 months, we have welcomed more than 100 new team members. Our thanks go out to our 4flow customers who make this ongoing growth possible, and to our incredible human resources team for their tireless recruiting efforts!

Best wishes,
Kai Althoff


4flow COO Kai Althoff shares insights on optimization innovations

Digital optimization projects in supply chain produce clear benefits for our customers – future-proof solutions that result in sustainable increases in efficiency and reductions in overall costs. But what goes into the planning and development of these kinds of projects? In this article, 4flow COO Kai Althoff gives readers an inside look at how 4flow uses innovative software and intelligent algorithms to develop its cutting-edge digital solutions in supply chain optimization.

Global transportation planning made easy

The latest release of the standardized software 4flow vista® features the new Load Wizard 3D planning tool for easy-to-use graphical freight planning. The new version of 4flow vista® also includes isochrone functionality for optimized network and location planning. In another first, full integration of the tariff software CzarLite® provides user-friendly transportation planning and tariff calculations for North America.

Opel/Vauxhall and 4flow named winners of Automotive Logistics Award Europe 2018

The supply chain publication Automotive Logistics honored Opel/Vauxhall and 4flow with a Better Visibility Award for their excellent teamwork and the impressive results they achieved for Opel/Vauxhall’s European aftersales network.

Team from Münster University of Applied Sciences wins 4flow challenge case study competition

For the 4flow challenge, teams of master’s students were tasked with using a hypothetical case study to develop their own smart logistics concepts. The top six teams were invited to present their concepts during the competition finals at 4flow’s headquarters in Berlin, Germany.

Susanne Moosdorf joins 4flow as head of global HR

Moosdorf, an expert in change and organizational development will support 4flow’s continued global growth. The company has quadrupled in size over the past seven years and has significantly increased its global footprint to include over 500 team members at 14 locations worldwide.

In the spotlight: Ursula Raab – Senior developer at 4flow software in Budapest

After spending 14 years as a software developer at 4flow’s headquarters in Berlin, Germany, Ursula Raab took on a new challenge in 2017– expanding the 4flow software business line at our location in Budapest, Hungary. Read more about the financial mathematician and her new responsibilities here.