4flow newsletter 2/2018

Machinery manufacturer ENGEL and 4flow optimize global spare parts logistics

In the current 4flow newsletter, learn more about our successful collaboration with ENGEL, the global leader in injection-molding machinery manufacturing.


Dear Readers,

Everyone is talking about it, many are doing something about it, and we at 4flow have been consistent and comprehensive in our approach to it – I’m speaking, of course, about digitization. Whether it is robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, or our newest study on wearables, sensors, and other digital technologies in the field of intralogistics, 4flow has established a culture of targeted and systematic experimentation that we also use to support our customers’ digitization efforts. However, even in the flurry of digitization currently taking place, we supply chain experts should not forget that we deal with very real flows of goods and material. With that in mind, 4flow’s strength in implementing supply chain optimization solutions in the real world continues to be proven time and again. On a related note, we are also actively involved in the marketplace of ideas on offer at BVL’s 2018 International Supply Chain Conference, entitled “Digitalization Meets Reality”.

What risks are you currently contending with? Are you concerned about the economic cycle, global trade, or the security of your supply chain? How do you plan to deal with these risks? If you would like to discuss these topics with 4flow, please feel free to contact us or visit our booth at the 35th International Supply Chain Conference.

While we are also fully risk-aware, the entire 4flow team is optimistic about the future. We are focused on opportunities for growth – this year, we have not only significantly increased the size of our team, but also expanded existing offices and opened new locations worldwide. We look forward to speaking with you, either in person or online.

Best wishes,

Stefan Wolff


ENGEL and 4flow optimize global spare parts logistics

At ENGEL, the Austria-based global leader in injection-molding machinery manufacturing, quickly growing demand and rising requirements for parts availability and deliveries prompted a significant restructuring of the company’s spare parts logistics. In collaboration with 4flow, ENGEL developed and implemented corresponding optimizations of its aftersales division – the initiative resulted in an all-new, highly efficient central warehouse. Thanks to this future-ready optimization, ENGEL will be able to fill customer orders quickly and flexibly and accommodate additional company growth.

4flow study – Making digital intralogistics a reality

In the study “Wearables, Sensors, & Co. – Making digital intralogistics a reality”, 4flow provides a comprehensive overview of current digitization initiatives in intralogistics. Twenty leading supply chain experts in the automotive manufacturing, automotive supply, and retail sectors were interviewed on the topics of technologies, key success factors, and barriers related to digitization in their respective industries. The study also provides actionable recommendations that can help companies to ensure the success of their own digital intralogistics projects.

4flow opens new office in Vienna, Austria

4flow’s brand new office in Vienna, Austria, provides plenty of space for our growing team and enable us to fulfill elevated customer demand for 4flow’s innovative supply chain services and software in the region.

4flow continues global growth

4flow continues to grow steadily around the world. With a new, centrally-located site for the company’s office in Munich, Germany, 4flow has responded to the continuously growing demand for our products and services in Southern Germany. Recent expansions to the company’s offices in Hamburg, Germany, and Budapest, Hungary, provide further capacity for ongoing growth. 4flow has quadrupled in size over the past seven years and has significantly increased its global footprint to include well over 500 team members at 15 locations worldwide.

Project NOLAN – 4flow contributes to supply chain crisis management initiative

4flow is a primary collaboration partner in the NOLAN project, a public-private initiative with the goal of developing scalable emergency supply chain solutions for catastrophes in urban areas. Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the NOLAN project marks the first time that such a research partnership has been attempted. 4flow will bring its expertise in commercial supply chain modelling to the project as a complement to the work done in other areas by its collaboration partners.

4flow receives 2018 Innovative Through Research seal

4flow has been honored with a 2018 Innovative Through Research seal by Stifterverband, one of Germany’s largest private research associations. The seal is awarded to organizations that make positive contributions to public policy and society through their research activities. This is 4flow’s second Innovative Through Research seal, having received the honor previously in 2016.

In the spotlight: Samuel Dos Santos Moreira – Supply chain specialist at 4flow

In 2015, Samuel Dos Santos Moreira started his career at 4flow management at our office in Campinas, Brazil. In 2018, he transferred to 4flow’s headquarters in Berlin, Germany, to explore our international company culture and take on the challenge of supporting 4flow management’s operations in South Africa and Central America.