4flow vista®

Software provides interfaces for ERP systems

4flow has made its 4flow vista® software available as an extension for planning and optimization in ERP systems. Newly available interfaces will also enable users to implement 4flow vista® as an add-on. This includes enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems such as SAP S/4HANA®.

In addition to its new configuration as an add-on to ERP systems, the software for supply chain and transportation planning continues to be available as a stand-alone solution or highly integrated transportation management system (iTMS) in cooperation with 4flow’s long-time Cloud TMS Partner inet-logistics. Only 4flow vista® offers such a wide spectrum of application possibilities in the field of transportation planning and optimization, making it far more flexible than any comparable product on the market. The software can handle everything from strategic network design to daily transportation optimization in one system.

“Transportation networks and requirements are much more volatile now than even a few years ago. Those who manage their supply chain using a comprehensive solution that allows rapid switching between strategic, tactical, and operational planning as opposed to an inflexible network have a clear advantage,” said Dr. Stefan Wolff, CEO of 4flow.

More detailed information about 4flow vista® can be found here.