4flow and BVL announce winner of Science Award for SCM 2018

Industrial engineer Eva Klenk wins 4flow-sponsored award at the 35th BVL International Supply Chain Conference in Berlin, Germany

As the official sponsor of this year’s Science Award for SCM, 4flow is proud to join BVL International in promoting visionary young scientists and their emerging research in order to foster continued supply chain innovation. Now in its 27th year, the Science Award for Supply Chain Management from BVL International is intended to do just that.

For her dissertation entitled “An analytical model for evaluating tugger train system performance in cases of fluctuating transportation requirements”, industrial engineer Eva Klenk was honored with the Science Award for SCM 2018 at this year’s BVL International Supply Chain Conference. Ms. Klenk’s work provides concrete recommendations for practical application which promise to improve performance and optimize utilization of such systems. The award was presented by 4flow COO Kai Althoff and head judge Prof. Wolfgang Kersten. Ms. Klenk and her supporting university also received €5,000 in prize money each.

4flow made additional contributions to the 35th International Supply Chain Conference in several other areas – 4flow COO Kai Althoff moderated an expert discussion entitled “What will secure the success of transport logistics in tomorrow’s world?”, managing director of 4flow in South America Bernd-Paul Koschate spoke as a panelist on the topic of economic factors affecting supply chain in emerging markets, and other 4flow team members were available for professional knowledge exchange at the company’s exhibition stand.