Procurement planning

The constantly rising number of variants and products causes a need for more space and increases the cost per unit. In addition to an end-to-end design of the process, the organization and IT, a concept for the active management of procurement is growing in importance.

4flow optimizes processes and structures in the area of procurement and supply planning with its in-house methods and tools. Material supply planning results in cost savings along with process standardization, increased security of supply, and a reduction of the space required.

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Material flow planning

Outdated processes that grew over time often make it necessary to redesign the flow of materials and goods. The establishment of new sites can also create the need for a new material flow concept.

In material flow planning projects with clients, 4flow regularly achieves considerable reductions in supply chain costs. Beyond this, typical results include process standardization, the reduction of space requirements and the need for less resources for internal supply processes.

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Material staging design

Manufacturing and assembly are often at the forefront of focus when it comes to lean manufacturing principles. However, if logistics requirements are not accounted for, the full potential of optimization simply cannot be reached. A seamless coordination of manufacturing and logistics proves especially advantageous in material staging processes.

Integrated material staging design with support from 4flow leads to transparency about material inventories in manufacturing and a significant reduction of material inventory in various production areas.

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Container concepts

For many companies, manufacturing and quality are the focus of container planning. The supply chain, on the other hand, is often disregarded. A heterogeneous and cost-intensive container landscape as well as a lack of transparency regarding availability present additional challenges for companies.

At 4flow, the development of a comprehensive container strategy forms a basis for container concepts. Together with customers, 4flow achieves, among other things, a minimization of container investments, a reduction in transportation costs and more flexibility.

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Distribution centers

Redesigning or optimizing distribution centers can be necessary for a number of reasons. Changing volumes, an expanded assortment of items, or changes to distribution channels and network structures often require action to be taken.

4flow supports clients from the rough planning phase, through all steps of detailed planning and the purchasing of equipment, to putting the distribution center into service. Typical results of the collaboration include a significant reduction of supply chain costs and throughput times, as well as an increase in service level and product availability.

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Warehouse planning

A growing number of variants, changed manufacturing conditions and new network structures are just some of the reasons to optimize or redesign warehouses.  

With an end-to-end approach to warehouse planning, 4flow develops optimal layouts, warehouse structures and picking strategies Together with customers, 4flow achieves a long-term reduction in logistics costs and space requirements.

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Layout planning

Due to the process complexity that results from an increasing variety of parts, many companies see the need to draft new layout plans for their plants or warehouses. With locations that have grown over time or structures with specific restrictions, it is often the case that adapting to new requirements is only partly successful.

Based on lean logistics principles, 4flow develops solutions together with customers for the highly efficient use of space. Typical benefits of the approach are continual improvements on space allocation using standardized audits, as well as reduced space-related costs due to reduction in space requirements.

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Warehouse management systems

Through changing customer and product groups along with new sales channels, the importance of adaptive and flexible supply chains is on the rise. In contrast to this are outdated supply chain structures and systems which can no longer meet new requirements efficiently and cost-optimally.

The introduction of the right warehouse management software enables companies to effectively address changes in their operational requirements. 4flow supports customers in selecting IT systems and brings best-of-breed solutions into the selection process. Customer benefits include sustainable selection of optimal system solutions, as well as timely and secure introduction of warehouse management software.

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