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By frequently reviewing and optimizing supply chain network strategies, businesses can create versatile network structures, increase customer service and improve sustainability while reducing operating costs and risks.

The first step to optimization is establishing an overview of the baseline network. This is where the software 4flow NEVA (network exploration, visualization and analysis) can help. It enables quick and easy interactive visualization and analysis of your baseline network structures within a few minutes. By helping you gain a better understanding of your supply chain network, 4flow NEVA enables you to react quickly to changes in your network and paves the way for the discovery of new optimization opportunities.

4flow NEVA, an easy-to-use web-based application, serves as the starting point for fast and strategic decision making. The tool is suitable for all industries and all modes of transportation.

An intuitive starting point for supply chain network planning

1. Create supply chain network

In less than 10 minutes, model your baseline network structure in the software and use it to check site locations, material flows, transportation lanes and regions of interest on interactive world maps, graphs and diagrams.

Based on your uploaded data, 4flow NEVA will geocode your network sites. The geocoordinates are then used to calculate distance by road or air and transportation time between sites.

2. Compare network structures over time

Review your transportation network over time – by year, quarter, month or week. By focusing on a shorter time frame, you can easily identify small but significant changes in the structure of your transportation network and solve problems as they arise.

3. Network analysis

Use filters and built-in visual settings to quickly analyze your networks with interactive maps, graphs and diagrams showing changes over time. Visualization tools can help you see and understand details that the human eye can miss with manual data assessments and calculations.

Easily create a list of sites within a given time radius or distance from a starting location with isochrone analysis.

4. Calculate KPIs

Evaluate your transportation network’s performance using relevant metrics such as costs, transportation utilization, throughput and inventory sizes.

Understand the performance of your transportation network over time and make critical improvements to achieve your strategic goals faster.

In addition to the typical KPIs, you will soon be able to review your carbon footprint to build a more sustainable supply chain network with 4flow NEVA.

5. Identify vulnerabilities

Pinpoint bottlenecks and potential for optimization in your baseline network with 4flow NEVA’s powerful network visualization tools. Make better informed decisions more quickly with software support.

Improve supply chain network transparency

Early-stage transparency improves the quality of planning and contributes to better decision making.

With 4flow NEVA, you can improve network transparency and update stakeholders on short notice thanks to the software’s quick creation of overviews of the as-is network. Well-suited for inbound, outbound or intercompany networks, the network modeling software shows you supplier or customer footprints in relation to your plants or warehouses.

Analyze your supply chain network KPIs over time

Monitoring KPIs helps businesses review their baseline supply chain network structures and respond to changing conditions.

4flow NEVA gives you an overview of your transportation network based on relevant metrics: costs, transportation utilization, throughput and inventory sizes. You can also review the details of your network for certain suppliers or customers. By reviewing supply chain network KPIs for a given time period, you can draw on various network scenarios to compare options and make better data-driven decisions to adapt quickly to changing environments.

Identify weaknesses in your supply chain network

Businesses must continuously optimize their supply chains in today’s dynamic markets. Identifying bottlenecks and vulnerabilities in as-is networks is a smart starting point for this process.

With 4flow NEVA’s powerful visualization function, you can easily reveal risks to your supply chain network, such as changes in future demand, and improve your network planning to prevent and protect against them.

Soon, 4flow NEVA will let you identify expensive or unsustainable modes of transportation to support continuous network improvement.

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