Business Process Outsourcing

There is a lot to be considered when deciding on the outsourcing of logistics services. 4flow supports businesses throughout all phases of outsourcing – from the make-or-buy decision to the search for the best outsourcing model to the selection of service providers.


Concentrating on core competencies is a trend in all industries. But with outsourcing, the key is to keep an eye on and analyze implementation risks.

4flow knows the critical success factors of outsourcing and supports companies during the entire process. In doing so, 4flow achieves cost reductions of up to 30 to 40 percent for customers, improved performance, and an increase in transparency of inventories and transportation.

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Logistics service provider selection

Companies regularly assess their logistics service providers through the process of tendering, but many businesses fail to align their tenders with the requirements of today’s global transportation network or their own internal material flows.

It is important to ask whether processes and supply chain costs within one’s own network structure are indeed optimal. 4flow conducts tendering projects for customers to produce results including cost savings of up to 20 percent and improved service levels.

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For many companies, outsourcing supply chain management to a third-party logistics provider is a reality. Results are difficult to achieve 3PLs need to utilize their assets and sell their own supply chain services. A conflict of interest between cost optimization and full utilization of capacity results.

As a neutral 4PL without its own assets such as transportation or warehousing equipment, 4flow finds the best solution at optimal cost. 4flow provides customers with a reduction in supply chain costs as well as better service levels and more supply chain transparency.

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Integrated transportation management

Outsourcing individual areas within the supply chain is becoming more important. While the complexity of value chains continues to increase, this is compounded by shorter production cycles and longer throughput times.

As an outsourcing partner, 4flow offers solutions for integrated transportation management from among different managed services to its customers. Typical results of these outsourcing projects include transportation cost savings of up to 20 percent and service level improvements of up to 30 percent.

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Supply chain management

The complexity and volume of goods in supply chains is increasing steadily. As network structures become outdated over time, it is rare today to find material, information and transportation flows that have been combined and processed efficiently.

Through managed services, 4flow supports customers in the development, optimization and management of global supply chains. Within the BPO framework, 4flow takes on the role of main manager and integrator, ensuring a sustainable improvement process within the supply chain.

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