4flow and AGCO win top European award in logistics and supply chain

European Logistics Association (ELA) gives supply chain innovators highest acclaim at award ceremony in Brussels, Belgium.

4flow and AGCO received the ‘ELA Award Project of the Year 2017’ from the European Logistics Association (ELA). The globally operating agricultural equipment manufacturer AGCO and its collaborative digital supply chain partner 4flow were recognized for their efforts in digitization and end-to-end integration of partners within AGCO’s international inbound supply chain.

Winning the award together at the award ceremony held June 1, 4flow and AGCO had been selected to be among six finalists out of numerous companies from various industrial sectors across Europe. “The innovative and collaborative team effort by AGCO and 4flow has been and continues to be the key to driving our digital supply chain success forward,” Buelent Ileri, Director of Transportation & Logistics EMEA at AGCO said. 

Julian Schulcz, Executive Vice President at 4flow applauded the AGCO and 4flow collaboration in his statement. “We are excited about this special recognition from our peers in Europe for the digital transformation of the AGCO inbound supply chain. Working together as one team, AGCO and 4flow have set a new standard in digital supply chain.”

Presenting the award to AGCO and 4flow at the award ceremony in Brussels, ELA president Paolo Bisogni praised the AGCO Smart Logistics initiative’s innovative digital transformation. The initiative has enabled AGCO to intelligently optimize material flow, detect issues early and initiate countermeasures. “By combining people, processes and technology, AGCO and 4flow raised their supply chain to a new level,” Bisogni said.

The ELA, a federation of 30 national organizations from across Europe, awards the most innovative logistics and supply chain transformation projects each year. The contest, described as the Champions League of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, is played out amongst award-winning projects from national competitions. The ELA jury selected the AGCO and 4flow initiative as the best this year.