4flow vista®

Global transportation planning made easy

Looking for ways to optimize costs when loading all kinds of less than truckload (LTL) freight? This is easier than ever with the new release of 4flow vista®, the integrated standard software for supply chain design and transportation planning.

The software’s optional Load Wizard tool represents freight spaces and load units in 3D. Operational route planning in version 8.1 has also been made simpler by automatically taking international holidays into account. In another first, full integration of the tariff software CzarLite® provides user-friendly transportation planning and tariff calculation for North America.

Freight planning with the 3D Load Wizard

With the Load Wizard, users benefit from 3D freight planning with the added plus of assignable color-coding for individual load units and their various dimensions. Verifying optimal loading space utilization can be done at a glance. Planners can also optimize load capacities by dividing loads or by adding or deleting individual transport orders. “With the 3D Load Wizard, we have integrated a function that supports transportation planners in their daily optimization processes and helps them to visualize their decisions,” said Christian Nieters, executive vice president at 4flow, who is responsible for the 4flow software business line.

For all hubs, transfer locations and legs of a given route, the user can enter bank holidays and hours of operation for docks and plants within the origin and destination countries. 4flow vista® then automatically plans using this data, without the need for further intervention from the supply chain planner. In addition to the benefits of automatic and precise holiday scheduling, material availability for recipients is also made much more secure.

For shipments within the US market, planning is made easier with a connection to the country’s most widely-used LTL tariff software, CzarLite®. 4flow vista® 8.1 offers full integration of the software. Automatic nightly updates ensure that users always plan with the most up to date tariffs, eliminating the need for manual updates.

Optimized network and location planning with isochrones

Cost-efficient network and location planning calculations have been simplified using isochrones – regional subdivisions defined by the transportation time needed to reach them. With 4flow vista®, users can choose to carry out these calculations based on air or land routes in addition to transportation times. The new release also features the Route and Tour Implementation Tool (RTI), which simplifies the creation of routes and networks. The RTI provides users with a compact overview of all relevant information and operational planning workflows.