End-to-end transportation management systems

Lower transportation costs and increase transparency with 4flow vista®

Standard software for supply chain and transportation planning available as SAP add-on

Sustainable transportation cost reduction

Transportation costs often account for well over half of a business’s logistics costs. 4flow vista® – the standard software for supply chain and transportation planning – ensures significant and sustainable transportation cost reduction with its proven modules for planning and continuous optimization from the strategic to the operational level. 4flow vista® users benefit from significantly improved transportation handling with optimized processes and comprehensive transparency across the transportation network.

4flow vista® can be used as an add-on to SAP TM, both as a stand-alone solution and in S/4HANA® system landscapes. A switch to S/4HANA® presents a good opportunity to implement 4flow vista® at the same time.

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An overview of 4flow vista® as SAP add-on

With the add-on solution, all existing 4flow vista® functionalities can continue to be used:

Network optimization and
strategic transportation planning

At the strategic level, 4flow vista® offers the possibility to analyze, evaluate and holistically optimize supply chain management networks in detail. Master data from SAP can be used directly. Optimized networks are fed back to the SAP TM using standard interfaces, creating full network transparency based on actual values and results from sales and operations planning.

transportation planning

During tactical transportation planning, the rolling, tactical planning functionalities of 4flow vista® can be used to achieve more efficiency on utilization, thus optimizing costs. Routes are optimized in 4flow vista® and automatically fed back to SAP TM. The scope of optimization includes all cost-relevant elements such as transportation modes, tariffs, suppliers and frequencies based on the selected transport relation.

transportation optimization

With the 4flow vista® operational transportation optimization module, shipments can be optimized according to short-term planning targets by taking delivery days, time windows, load space planning and service provider management into consideration. In addition to planning results from tactical planning, transport orders (freight units) transmitted from SAP TM are essential for daily optimization. This serves to eliminate daily inefficiencies in transportation management.

Individualized according to customer needs

Individual modules can be connected to SAP TM as required. Additional modules, such as reporting or collaboration portals for suppliers & transportation service providers, are also available. 4flow vista® is thus a valuable addition to SAP TM basic functions.

4flow vista® as SAP TM add-on can be used for all transportation modes and network types, including inbound, inter-organizational and outbound networks, on an internal and cross-organizational level globally. The software solution is available for road, rail, air and ocean freight transportation modes.

Optimization of system landscape

With 4flow vista®, system landscapes can be optimized with little implementation effort to support an organization’s future-oriented and sustainable IT strategy.  

The individual solution includes regular software updates and continuous improvements as well as new functionalities that come without upgrade costs.

4flow vista® can be easily connected to either SAP S/4HANA® or SAP TM as a stand-alone solution:

  • Seamless connection via web services
  • Automatic transfer of master and demand data from SAP® to 4flow vista®
  • Transfer of route information and freight orders for operational transportation handling to SAP TM
  • Connection to SAP standard interfaces (e.g. TOR IN, TOR OUT)

Additional services

In addition to our proven software solutions, 4flow also offers implementation services, trainings, implementation projects and continuous support throughout. The services include:

  • Training for key users as part of a train-the-trainer approach
  • IT project management
  • Supporting change processes for a centralized supply chain organization