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How to protect your automotive supply chain from the impact of shortages

Watch this automotive-focused webinar from 4flow and our partner Kinaxis on demand.

Shortages in automotive supply chains are the new normal: limited shipping capacities, shortages of critical raw materials, and frequent changes to delivery schedules make reliable planning a challenge. Even as we begin to transition to a post-pandemic world, uncertainties will remain. Automotive supply chains must be agile to stay competitive in this complex industry undergoing huge digital transformation.

Watch “How to protect your automotive supply chain from the impact of shortages” on demand.

In this webinar, supply chain experts from 4flow and Kinaxis offered insights into challenges specific to the automotive industry. The webinar featured an exclusive demo of RapidResponse®, the Kinaxis concurrent planning platform for supply chain decision makers.

Learn from featured speakers to learn how automotive manufacturers can overcome current challenges with an agile supply chain:

  • Peter Schreckenberg, Kinaxis, Senior Account Executive
  • Hans-Georg Kaltenbrunner, Kinaxis, Industry Principal 
  • Dr. Tobias Schulz, Kinaxis, Business Consultant
  • Dr. Marc Schleyer, 4flow, Vice President, Head of Digital Practice

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