Customers in the spare parts sector expect a high level of service. The availability of information, technology-based services, physical logistics, and the right spare or replacement part decide the quality of the service. Deviations cause customers to consider your competitor’s solutions both in the high-margin aftermarket business and in case of investment decisions. Due to fluctuations in demand, the market is also very dynamic. This is magnified by product life cycles that are becoming increasingly shorter and a larger product variety.

In order to make a profit with spare parts services, and maintain a positive company image, innovative solutions on all process levels are necessary.   

4flow optimizes spare parts logistics

The sophisticated spare parts sector requires customized solutions. 4flow has the necessary expertise and takes an end-to-end approach. By reengineering and optimizing the spare parts network, spare parts can be sourced cost efficiently and made available quickly. Combined with assortment optimization by 4flow consulting, supply chain costs can be lowered, inventory issues can be solved and service levels can be increased.  

With our integrated software 4flow vista®, not only can spare parts networks be optimized but calls for bids from logistics service providers can be supported. As a neutral 4PL, 4flow management optimizes and manages spare parts networks long term. 

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