The pharmaceuticals and medical technology sectors are experiencing strong market growth and has a large amount of innovation potential. With constant improvements to healthcare in places such as the BRIC states, European enterprises are doing an increasing amount of business on a global level. At the same time, manufacturers are being confronted with increasingly difficult market conditions. Decisions to purchase pharmaceuticals, medical devices and medical supplies in hospitals and doctor's offices today are strongly influenced by costs. Since healthcare systems even in developed countries are low on funds, manufacturers are experiencing added cost pressures.

The market is also shaped by very high standards of quality and the need for a high rate of product availability. Stockouts cannot be allowed to occur in healthcare. In order to continue to meet customer demand even in bottleneck situations, products are often transported to their destinations via air freight or as express shipments – resulting of course in high supply chain costs.

A well-equipped supply chain, therefore, plays a crucial role in enabling fast, seamless, and cost-optimized distribution. The creation of transparency throughout the system for scheduling, demand, and capacities across all layers of the supply chain is also a key factor. 

4flow optimizes pharmaceutical and medical technology supply chains across all levels

By aligning processes throughout the supply chain, 4flow brings sustainable growth to supply chains in the pharmaceuticals and medical technology sectors. Our experts optimize global supply chains across all layers with proven methods. From forecasting, production planning and control, purchasing and materials management, order fulfillment and its corresponding material flow – all processes work in sync with each other. 4flow even reduces inventory levels along the entire supply chain.

As a competent consulting and optimization partner, 4flow understands the pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors’ special requirements and implements solutions tailored to this industry. In most cases, products have to be delivered as quickly as possible – smart logistics makes this possible.

This way, we help pharmaceutical and medical technology clients save costs and improve service according to individual circumstances. 4flow regularly helps clients achieve a high degree of product availability, shorten their response times and lead times, and reduce costs for air freight and express shipments.

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