A growing number of variants, changed manufacturing conditions and new network structures call for the optimization or redesign of warehouses. Another reason for warehouse planning is the need to introduce a higher degree of automation with more efficient processes. A third reason are warehouse structures that become outdated over time, which are often combined with outsourced logistics services and in-house structures.

During warehouse planning, factors that are specific to a certain industry such as cooling, batch management or adherence to the first-in-first-out principle, need to be considered. A large number of sales channels, particularly for retail and e-commerce, also serve to create complexity.
Well-suited and cost-optimized warehousing structures
Through a holistic approach to warehouse planning, 4flow works together with customers to achieve among the following results:

  • Short-term reduction of logistics costs by identifying and implementing optimization potentials
  • Long-term reduction of logistics costs and space requirements by developing and implementing a strategic target
  • Optimal layouts, warehouse structures and picking strategies
  • Optimize resource usage using intelligent automation concepts based on decision making documents, business cases and tenders for warehouse technology and equipment
  • Reduce complexity and costs through consolidation of warehouse structures
  • Reduce inventory in supply chain and warehousing
  • Reduce logistics costs for handling and warehousing services in the context of retendering

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