Through changing customer and product groups along with new sales channels, the importance of adaptive and flexible supply chains is on the rise. In contrast to this are outdated supply chain structures and systems which can no longer meet new requirements efficiently and cost-optimally. Along with material flow concept optimization, using the right warehouse management software is of critical importance. It enables new ranges of requirements to be met and allows future requirements to be integrated into the existing supply chain IT and process landscape.

The 4flow approach focuses on the selection and secure implementation of a warehouse management system based on company-specific requirements

When choosing a future-oriented system, not only should single functionalities be evaluated, but their optimal integration into the entire IT landscape should be kept in mind. This includes the connection and integration of advanced functionalities such as manufacturing, inventory, and transportation management solutions.

With 4flow’s proven approach to selecting IT systems that meet the specific needs of their customers, benefits typically include:

  • Consideration of company-specific process requirements and IT architecture in system specifications
  • Provision of best-of-breed warehouse management solutions in selection process
  • Sustainable selection of optimal system solution based on holistic evaluation by provider
  • Timely and secure introduction of warehouse management software
  • Investment security through extensive testing and piloting

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