Strong corporate growth along with internationalization or mergers & acquisitions are common reasons for needing to change how supply chain is organized. Optimizing processes and tasks to make them more efficient typically involves adjustments to other functions as well, since rethinking supply chain from a network perspective brings new requirements along with it.
There are also great opportunities for improving performance in the organization of logistics itself. Substantial synergies can be bundled and utilized in order management, transportation management, program and production planning, materials management, and supplier management. New technologies are also available to support implementation.
The challenges often include the need to rework business processes in these areas and to handle the new interfaces that result as well.
Additional challenges include the modeling of cross-functional responsibility and the organizational support of overall cost analysis. And merely including logistics functions earlier into business processes is often not enough to alleviate the situation.

4flow supports businesses with adjustments to their organizations.

Improvements to the organization made during the course of a process optimization project are among 4flow’s responsibilities.

4flow offers these advantages to clients:

  • Profit from a state-of-the-art organization of logistics
  • Introduction of tried and true organizational ideas and models
  • Steadying of process optimization
  • Elimination of inefficient trade-offs
  • Avoidance of information gaps by creating distinct interfaces and responsibilities within the organization
  • Seamless integration of previously separate organizational units
  • Establishment of an organization ready for the future based on client’s strategy

4flow also provides support designing preferred organizational alternatives and their implementation into new job requirements and staff responsibilities.

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