For many businesses today, procurement processes are comprised of manual steps involving multiple interfaces. Examples could include single manual orders, schedules sent by email or production forecasts contained in spreadsheets.

With a digital supply chain, the entire procurement process is integrated, including everything from order processing and confirmation to notice of delivery and payment. Also referred to as purchase-to-pay, digital procurement aims for a completely connected, interface-free exchange of data using cloud-based supplier platforms.

With digital procurement, forecasting information on inventories throughout the supply chain is automated along with payments based on materials used. Information that generated in this way can also be used for the purposes of fully digital transportation management.

Digital procurement processes lead to greater efficiency and transparency

Through the complete integration of digital procurement processes, 4flow customers typically realize the following benefits:

  • Interface-free transfer of all information relating to procurement
  • Optimal transparency about requirements and inventories
  • Reduction in reserve inventories through increased transparency in the inbound supply chain
  • Significant savings in effort and material management processing costs
  • Integration of suppliers for material management tasks