A business’s logistics network is defined by its locations and all relationships existing between those locations. This includes everything from warehouses and plants to customers and suppliers, in addition to sites operated by service providers. They are all connected to one another by transportation.
Ideally, logistics networks are optimized as a whole. However, it is not uncommon for network questions to concern only a particular area such as outbound, intercompany, or inbound:

  • How can the distribution network be redesigned to take new customer groups or markets into account?
  • How should the value creation network or production footprint be set up optimally?
  • How can the procurement network guarantee supply reliability at optimal cost?

4flow has the methods, tools and experience to untangle complex global networks and identify all the paths to optimization.

Our implementation initiative for customized network optimization is based on a proven set of measures.

In optimizing a network, 4flow looks at the specific requirements of the network – especially the customer requirements. The next step involves the comprehensive gathering of data and is based on trusted templates. Verified data is visualized and optimized with the network planning software 4flow vista® – the program utilizes powerful algorithms which were developed specifically for very large networks. At the same time, optimization is performed following the Brownfield approach and enhanced by Greenfield solutions where appropriate. 4flow has experience in the optimization of numerous networks for industrial and retail companies, as well as for logistics service providers.

In the area of network optimization, 4flow offers:

  • Project-based consulting
  • The award-winning software 4flow vista®
  • Regularly managed service

With its extensively proven approach to network optimization, 4flow typically achieves results such as:

  • Significant changes to logistics networks, with substantial service improvements and logistics cost reductions of up to 20 percent
  • Introduction of permanent and comprehensive transparency to complex networks
  • Creation of synergy potential with network partners
  • Consolidation of network optimization with continuous adjustment to changing requirements

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