A wide variety of challenging, international projects, professional development opportunities, and an award-winning team culture – are you ready for a career with 4flow consulting?

4flow consulting supports businesses in the field of logistics and supply chain management – from strategy to implementation. Each year, 4flow consulting conducts more than 150 projects with clients around the world. Our clients include world-market leaders including large and mid-sized companies from a range of industries including automotive manufacturing and suppliers, machinery manufacturing, retail and wholesale, consumer goods, and pharmaceuticals and medical technology. Our approach to consulting is always focused on implementation. This sets 4flow apart from conventional strategic consulting firms.

On-site with 4flow around the world

During international customer projects at our worldwide consulting locations, we develop exciting and innovative concepts, optimize complex logistical processes and achieve measurable successes. Expand your intercultural competence and gain valuable experience in projects abroad, or choose your 4flow location in Germany working as a consultant. The duration of a project varies according to topic, scope and complexity. A project lasts three to five months on average, and the project team size is usually two to five consultants.

Strong team cohesion, an intensive sharing of knowledge between all 4flowers and a work atmosphere of mutual respect are important components of our corporate culture and key to project success. Our consultants also work together with colleagues from 4flow management, 4flow software and 4flow research in cross-functional customer projects. 4flow also promotes opportunities to get together, for example through sports and team events.

Individual growth and development opportunities

The experience of working in changing teams and on different topics will challenge you again and again. In our multifaceted project work, you will grow considerably on both a personal and a professional level. In addition, you will benefit from targeted individual training with 4flow consulting. In addition to a comprehensive training program featuring about 40 trainings on specific topics and methodological and consultancy competences, individual training courses are also available. In regular feedback discussions with your manager and project managers, you will identify development potentials and the next career steps, together.


You decide how to shape your career. At 4flow consulting, we offer you the freedom to do so – with our flexible work schedules and a wide range of internal and external qualifications.
Our team members are the foundation of our success. We do not measure your performance by the time you spend at the office, but by what you achieve. Whether you work part-time, are on a sabbatical, pursuing a doctorate degree, or completing an MBA program, we make every effort to make it possible.

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