At 4flow, you're in the middle of things from the moment you start and you gain valuable hands-on experience.

Writing your bachelor's, master’s or doctoral thesis? Find out what it's like to be a consultant or develop optimization algorithms with our software team while writing your thesis. During your time with us you will receive excellent support and of course you will be compensated for your time. Because 4flow is always growing, we're able to offer excellent prospects for you to start your career in one of our business lines.

Master’s thesis

You can write your thesis with 4flow consulting, 4flow management and 4flow research. Write a challenging thesis while getting an insider’s look with a top employer. During your whole time with us, you will have a designated contact person along with opportunities to participate in thesis colloquia. We'll also assist you in selecting and coordinating your research topic with professors at your university.

Find out what it's like to be a consultant and be part of a customer project from day one while writing your master’s thesis. Once the project phase is through, you will have time to devote to your final thesis.

Want to convert your own ideas into concepts and then into code? With 4flow software, you can write a thesis on a specific topic in a clearly defined framework. As part of the development team, you will benefit from the experience of your colleagues.

At 4flow management, you can write your bachelor's or master's thesis, and take an inside look at the work of a 4PL. You will take on topics in the areas of transportation and network management for our global customers.

If you prefer to concentrate on supply chain research, you can write your bachelor’s or master's thesis in connection with research projects with 4flow research.


Experience the everyday life of a consultant as an intern with 4flow consulting. Over a period of four to six months, you will learn from our experienced colleagues in the project team. Fetching coffee is not part of the job. Rather, you will support the team by analyzing data and developing supply chain concepts under the guidance of an experienced team of consultants with whom you will travel to the customer onsite.

We offer multi-faceted projects where you work actively with experienced consultants. Find out about us before you start your career by applying for an internship at 4flow consulting.

We also offer topic-based internships in our other business areas. Please find out about current offers on our job portal.

Student jobs

We offer jobs for students in the areas of 4flow consulting, 4flow management, 4flow software and corporate services. With 4flow consulting, you gain the experience of working with expert consultants in interesting customer projects. During a student job with 4flow management, you support our customers in conceptual and operational transportation and network optimization. At 4flow software, you play a role in the development, quality assurance or product management of our software 4flow vista®.

You will find regular listings for student jobs for our corporate service teams on our job portal. They generally offer 15 to 20 week hours per regular work week, during which you gain valuable practical experience for your professional career.

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