Questions about applying for work at 4flow? We have compiled the most important information for you. In case of further questions, please get in touch with us.

Before applying

4flow offers various opportunities to work in the areas of supply chain consulting, supply chain software, supply chain management, and supply chain research. In addition, there are diverse opportunities with corporate services teams in administration, finance or human resources. Your starting point with us will depend largely on your education and work experience. Read more about entry-level opportunities at 4flow.

At 4flow, we are always looking for talented individuals to join our fast-growing and dynamic team and we always welcome applications for jobs advertised on our job portal. If there is a specific deadline for submitting an application, it will be explicitly stated in the job posting.

4flow offers opportunities at different locations across the globe, as indicated in each job description. Using the filter function of our job portal, you can view job descriptions of specific locations and apply directly online.

We regularly give students the opportunity to write theses and dissertations in the context of ongoing projects. We offer you the chance to participate in colloquia where you will receive helpful tips and support for the benefit of your dissertation. On our job portal, you can find out about current vacancies. Learn more about opportunities for students at 4flow here.

Yes, we offer paid internships at 4flow consulting. Experience the everyday work life of a 4flow consultant as an intern and gain knowledge from our experienced colleagues in a project team over a period of four to six months. 4flow has been honored as a Fair Company several times for its notable treatment of students and graduates. Please view our job portal for all current openings for opportunities available to students.

Yes, as a certified company for vocational training, 4flow regularly offers apprenticeships for different occupations. Current offers can be found on our job portal. More information about vocational training at 4flow can be found here.

Your application – Tips

You can review all current job opportunities on our job portal. Please find and select the position(s) of interest and complete the online application as prompted. Be sure to complete all required fields. We ask that you upload the following.

  • Cover letter, including a personal introduction and statement of interest in applying for a job,
  • Résumé or CV, in a clearly structured tabular format,
  • Copies of relevant diplomas or certificates, (high school leaving, vocational training , university degrees (bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate) and
  • Internship certificates and any employment references.

Please be sure to submit your documents as one file. Once we have received your application, you will receive an email confirmation, followed by feedback from us. If we require additional information, we will get in touch with you directly.

At 4flow you go through a multi-layered selection process. Once we have reviewed your application, you will receive feedback from us. This is followed by an invitation to a telephone interview with a representative from Human Resources. Following this, you will be asked to attend a “candidate session” at 4flow, where you will meet the team in person. There are no group assessments at 4flow. Instead, we take the time to get to know you in different contexts – and of course, give you the chance to get to know us.

After several discussions and an interview where we gauge your professional competence, an engaging practical exercise will provide you with an insight into daily work life at 4flow. After this, we will make a decision from our side of the situation. Ideally, both you and 4flow were successful in the selection process: We make you an offer the very next day and look forward to welcoming you as a new member of our team at 4flow.

We will certainly cover travel expenses incurred for the purpose of the interview process. Ideally, you should travel by train and public transportation. If you require hotel accommodation or need to book a flight, please contact us in advance.

Starting at 4flow

An all-encompassing onboarding procedure will help you get acquainted with the team and company when you first your start with us. We will give you sufficient time to familiarize yourself with your tasks and the work environment and to get to know your new colleagues. During the first in-depth meeting with your supervisor, you will have the opportunity to plan and discuss your first weeks with 4flow. Through a series of introductory sessions, you will also find out more about 4flow’s business lines and important contact people. 4flow’s on-the-job training is supplemented by ongoing possibilities for internal training or opportunities to further develop based on your individual needs. As part of our team structure, you can rest assured that experienced colleagues will be on hand to coach and support you.

4flow offers plenty of opportunity to gain international experience. Whether through routine cooperation with colleagues at locations in Europe, Asia, North America, or South America, or during temporary projects and work assignments abroad, the experience is international. Furthermore, anyone who enjoys living and working abroad for the long term while expanding his or her intercultural competence can do so by working at one of our worldwide locations.

At 4flow there is no average project. Each project is as different and individual as our customers.

The length of a project with 4flow consulting and the size of the team involved both depend on several factors, including project scope and complexity. The average project lasts between three to five months.

The average team is comprised of two to five members. Software consulting projects with 4flow usually last between two to four months, and the teams mainly consist of two to six team members.

At 4flow management, we generally work with customers on a long-term basis, over several years. Usually, three to five team members focus on a specific topic within the scope of a large customer project.

Projects at 4flow research commonly last for quite a few years, with several 4flowers concentrating on a specific topic in a team setup.

In an international environment, you are part of an excellent team made up of colleagues who willingly share their knowledge. We offer challenging work and the chance for you to take on responsibility from an early point. In addition to the on-the-job training, we foster continuous personal and professional development through regular trainings on specific topics and methodological competencies, in addition to the opportunity for individually-tailored learning.

With 4flow consulting, you have the possibility to complete a Master's, Executive MBA or a PhD within the time period of up to one year. We offer support for this purpose in the form of special subsidies and programs. At 4flow research, we also support the doctoral projects of our team members accordingly.

The standard dress code at 4flow is business casual, the exception being all situations where formal business attire is required, including official events and meetings with customers.

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