Do you have questions about the 4flow challenge?

One or more of the members of our team do not have a concentration in supply chain and logistics. Can we participate anyway?

Sure, a strong interest and basic knowledge of supply chain and logistics is all you need.

One or more of the members of our team are currently finishing their degrees or will finish them during the 4flow challenge. Can we participate anyway?

Each member of your team must be actively enrolled at your university when the 4flow challenge begins. If a team member graduates during the competition, the team and the graduating member can continue participating.

Is participation open to students from outside of Germany?

Yes, participation is open to students from all of Germany’s neighboring countries.

Is a professor’s participation a requirement to participate?

No, the participation of a professor is optional. The cash prize will only be paid out to those departments whose professors are active participants.

Is it possible for a professor to support more than one team?

One professor may support no more than one team.

Why does everything need to be submitted in English?

A day in the life of a consultant includes working with clients from around the world; therefore, English is essential.

How can we register?

Submit your application by email to and be sure to include “Application - Team Name” in the email subject line. Please find more information here.

Will we receive confirmation that our application has been received?

Yes, you will receive an email confirming that your application has been received.

In case of additional questions, please send them to:

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