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The video highlights show the 4flow challenge 2017 (English subtitles)

Car sharing, electric scooters to rent and bike sharing – the business of sharing is growing in popularity. But how does the supply chain work for these business models? Answers to this question were presented by students during the case study competition 4flow challenge in Berlin, Germany on June 22 and 23, 2017. In the role of supply chain consultants, it was up to the participating teams to develop a convincing concept for a fictional e-bike rental company.

Earlier this year 4flow, provider of supply chain consulting, software, and fourth-party logistics services (4PL), invited master’s students to develop a strategic supply chain concept for the sharing economy. As in the previous year, numerous teams from Austria, Germany and Switzerland registered for the competition. "The great response we got both this year and last year demonstrates to us that the 4flow challenge is an effective way for students to gain a realistic impression of the supply chain sector and the everyday life of consulting," said Dr. Stefan Wolff, CEO of 4flow.

During the case study competition, experienced 4flow consultants were onsite to provide the participants with their advice as mentors. The five best teams from the preliminary rounds advanced to the two-day finals in Berlin, where they presented their solutions to a panel of 4flow challenge judges. "It was a pleasure for us to see these highly motivated students develop such interesting solutions," added Dr. Wolff.

The winning team from the Technical University of Darmstadt developed a concept that showed technical depth and delivered a convincing presentation that gave them the edge over the other teams. The talented group of students received 4,000 euros in prize money. The team from RWTH Aachen University clinched second place and received 2,000 euros. The third place prize of 1,000 euros went to the team from TUHH Hamburg-Harburg. Additional prize money was also presented to the university departments that supported their teams during the competition.

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4flow challenge 2017: A retrospective

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