4flow has been holding the 4flow challenge – case study competition for students – each year since 2016. During this competition, teams of international students develop solutions for current supply chain topics. Participating teams get an inside look at supply chain consulting and the agile approach consultants at 4flow take. The best teams are then invited to 4flow’s headquarters in Berlin, Germany for the finals.

Stepping into the role of a supply chain consultant for 48 hours during the finals to solve challenging tasks and present solutions before to a panel of judges, many student teams have risen to the 4flow challenge.

View highlight videos of the finals in 2019, 2018 and 2017:

Topics at the 4flow challenge

How does e-mobility change supply chain in the automotive industry?

In 2019 the participants looked at how e-mobility will change supply chain in the automotive industry. For the first time ever, teams from China competed alongside teams from across Europe. FAUture.solutions from Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg developed the best concept for a manufacturer switching from internal combustion engines to electric drive systems. Team tub.log from Technical University of Berlin and Team Next Jenaration from University of Jena secured the second and third place.

Smart logistics concepts

In 2018, team Jovel4 Consulting from the Münster University of Applied Sciences developed a smart logistics concept to win accolades from the panel of expert judges. Second place went to the team from Tilburg University, located in the Netherlands. Team Generation Y from Jacobs University Bremen and team F[h]our from the Münster University of Applied Sciences tied for third place.

Supply chain concepts for the sharing economy

In 2017, team MJPD Consulting from the Technical University of Darmstadt proved their edge over fellow competitors with the task of developing a supply chain concept for the sharing economy. Second place went to the Futurelogix team from RWTH Aachen and third place went to the IWI ConsultING team from TUHH Hamburg-Harburg.

Supply chain concepts in e-commerce

In 2016, participants were challenged with creating an e-commerce strategic supply chain concept for a fictitious retail business. First place went to the team from the TUHH Technical University of Hamburg. The SMART Logistics team from the European Business School at Reutlingen University took second place, followed by MJPD Consulting from the Technical University of Darmstadt with third place.

Registration and rules

Are you interested in taking on the 4flow challenge? Registration for the next competition in 2020 is not open yet. Get more information at "prizes and rules"or in the FAQs.

Ready for the 4flow challenge 2020?

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