About 4flow

Vision and values

Our vision and values at 4flow shape the way we treat our clients, partners, service providers, and how we treat each other at the workplace as well.

Since our founding in 2000, our growth has been uninterrupted – dedication and a special company culture have characterized us from the beginning.

The 4flow vision

Our products set new standards worldwide for the design of corporate networks. We achieve our goals by encouraging excellence, offering a wide range of personal development opportunities, and promoting a corporate culture of mutual respect and transparency.

The 4flow values

Strong customer-driven focus
We judge our performance based on our customers' feedback. Products and services from 4flow provide real benefits. We aim to exceed customer expectations. 100% customer satisfaction – that is our priority.

Everything we do is of exceptionally high quality. Everyone at 4flow demonstrates proven expertise combined with exceptional communication skills, commitment, and professionalism. We measure excellence by looking at the results. Learning new things and exchanging ideas lead to the excellence of the individual, the team, and the company as a whole.

Our conduct and attitude towards our colleagues are characterized by respect, tolerance, courtesy and recognition. A culture of trust and individuality are key factors contributing to our success as a company.

We think, make decisions, and take action with the present and the future in mind. Everyone at 4flow looks at the big picture. We believe in organic growth and having fun while we grow.